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Ad Operations and Managed Services for Online Entertainment Publishers, Magazines, and Viral Sites

Ad Operations

We manage publishers CPM ad inventory. Built on industry-standard publisher platforms, our team handles Ad Operations including waterfall management, demand aggregation and header bidding.

More Stories to Tell

Content aggregation and recommendation provide more articles to your media sites. It’s an upward spiral of more content attracting more readers each day.

Build a Mobile Plan

Mobile is the #1 origin for online searches! We will guide you to develop a publishing strategy that includes Mobile app and web-on-mobile views.”Mobile First” is the new paradigm.

Optimal Layouts

Convert your content site to a publishing site. Tasteful integration of advertising units will complement your articles and will add to the visual layout.

Improve Site Metrics

Add content recommendation and engagement tools to your site. Boost page views, sessions, return visits, and reader engagement.

Publishing Revenue

Demand Aggregation services provide advertising inventory for your site. Focus on video, articles, and images that engage your audience as we handle ad operations. We work alongside your existing Media team and raise floor pricing for your Direct Sales agents.

Welcome to the Content Economy

Content Is King

Articles, News, and Content anchor Advertising – not the other way around. Build for the long term with quality sites that cultivate an authentic editorial voice, develop a genuine perspective on a topic or your part of the world, and encourage authors that are passionate experts.

Native Ads

Native Ads are a hybrid of content and advertising. These ad elements add storylines to your site and generate revenue for you as a publihser. Advertisers are interested in telling their narrative to influential readers to establish their brand.

Display and Video

Traditional ad units integrate with content-rich site designs. Smart targeting ensures that the ads are relevant to the reader and are brand safe for the publisher.


Billions spent on worldwide digital advertising (2015)


Relevant advertising messages are more likely to convert


Readers accepted ads integrated into site content


Native Ads are viewed more than banner ads

Entertainment Sites & Magazines

Platform and Waterfall Management

Integrate ads on your current site layout using standard IAB units

Advertising integrated through easy javascript code

We provide operational reporting to track performance and publisher earnings

We automate the process, allowing publishers to focus on their audience and site

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